The Time Magazine Story Was Bogus? Told Ya So…

I Told You The Time Magazine Story Was Bogus: A few months ago Time was claiming that there was a “Clinton Plan for a war with Al-Queda” that was given to the Bush administration. I told you that, “the idea that the Clinton administration was ready to go to war against Afghanistan is laughable.” I also concluded with this paragraph,

“Now ask yourself how likely it is that Bill Clinton, after eight years of inaction and neglect, was suddenly inspired to start a ‘War on Terrorism’ by the USS Cole Bombing after ignoring several other attacks of similar or greater magnitude? I think the answer to that question should be obvious…unless you write for Time Magazine.”

Well Clinton’s national security adviser Sandy Berger has now, “contradicted published reports that the outgoing Clinton administration offered the incoming Bush team a war plan to go after Al Qaeda.”

I told you so.

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