The Top 10 Conservative Video Bloggers

After spending a couple of months putting together daily videos for Right Wing Video, I’ve gotten an opportunity to see a lot of videos. With that in mind, I thought it might be worthwhile to let people know who the top conservative vloggers out there are, since some of them don’t necessarily get a lot of face time in the blogosphere.

Honorary Mentions

Michelle Malkin deserves credit for popularizing vlogging on the right (along with some help from Mary Katharine Ham), although she seems to have gotten out of the vlogging biz.

Another one of the fairly popular early vloggers, Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs doesn’t look to have done a vlog in more than 5 months.

The Top Ten (In alphabetical order)

Pat Condell: I’m not really a fan of the atheistic attitudes he displays in some of his videos, but he’s a fierce critic of Islam and his understated British sense of humor and indignation comes across quite well on video.

Steven Crowder: He’s funny, outrageous, and Canadian.

Drinking With Bob: The most high energy vlogger you will ever come across (I have invited him to post at RWN).

Ed Driscoll‘s Silicon Graffiti: Ed has high production values, but tends to be a touch on the longish side.

Mary Katharine Ham: MK still does a video now and again and they’re usually funny and have high production values for a YouTube shoot.

HowTheWorldWorks: No gimmicks, just solid, straightforward, superb conservative commentary belted out multiple times per week (I have invited him to post at RWN).

Macho Sauce Productions: Zo’s funny and is stylistically brilliant. (I have invited him to post at RWN).

Newsbusters’ Newsbusted: Funny videos that mock the media and Democrats.

The Nose On Your Face: Videos from The Nose On Your Face — and they are funny.

Red State Update: Funny, sometimes profane, costumed goof-offery.

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