The Top 20 Non-Cheesecake Links On Conservative Grapevine For December Of 2008

From Conservative Grapevine,

20) The Corner: So, a union member walks into a whorehouse…

19) Ace of Spades HQ: What annoys me about all the big name conservative talk radio hosts.

18) Cracked: 7 bullsh*t rumors that caused real world catastrophes

17) I Don’t Like You In That Way: Emma Watson AKA Hermione in the Harry Potter Movies is now 18 and wants to get naked on film

16) Jonah Goldberg: Cinderella vs. the Barracuda

15) Divine Caroline: Eight movies that changed their original endings

14) ABC News: Liberal media tries to downplay Obama’s apathetic reception at military base

13) Fantastic Search: Two female KFC workers bathed in the dish sink (w/pics)

12) Architects Rule!: Real-life Dilbert manager quotes

11) The Other McCain: ‘Why are only the skinny white women with fake boobs naked.’

10) MailOnline: What Cleopatra really looked like.

9) Geeks of Doom: 12 of the best payback moments in film

8) AskMen: 10 essential Doomsday items (Link corrected)

7) Blackfive: One of the coolest signs you’ve ever seen and naturally, it was on the door of a wounded Navy Seal.

6) Mail Online: Jessica Alba: before and after airbrushing

5) IMAO: “I have never been around such a bunch of d*ckless sissies, and I have not stopped vomiting since agreeing to be a part of the Obama administration.”

4) Cracked: The 10 most devastating insults of all-time

3) Cracked: 6 insane discoveries that science can’t explain

2) Cracked: 7 images too bad*ss to be real that totally are

1) American Princess: “This time, Sarah Palin told Oprah where she could shove her interview, and it’s one of the most wonderful things I’ve read in weeks

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