The Top 20 Non-Eye Candy Links For February On Conservative Grapevine

From Conservative Grapevine.

20) Cracked: 6 obnoxious old people habits (Explained by science)

19) Telegraph: Mother sets fire to her daughter’s gloating rapist

18) Cracked: 8 awesome cars they won’t let you buy

17) Maureen Dowd: Well, it certainly didn’t take long for Obama to crumble.

16) Cracked: 10 awesome ads for traumatizing children (This was really funny

15) Political Wire: Claim: Earmark scandal breaking. 100 members of Congress could be involved

14) Cracked: 5 real life soliders who make Rambo look like a wussy

13) Cracked: Photoshop contest: The 13 worst possible ad placements

12) Cracked: 8 TV ads that hate women

11) Boing Boing: A senior writer at Wired goes to work for Wal-Mart. Here’s what he found.

10) Kuru Lounge: Best Craigslist ad ever

9) Daily News: Ann Coulter under investigation

8) Cracked: The 5 most ridiculous lies ever published as nonfiction

7) Mary Katharine Ham: I actually went to one of Obama’s stimulus parties. Here’s what I found

6) Moonbattery: An awesome cartoon from 1956 that still perfectly captures the Israeli/Palestinian conflict

5) Thomas Sowell: Sarah Palin: Not one of us

4) Victor Davis Hanson: The impending Obama meltdown (Outstanding)

3) Cracked: 5 things you think will make you happy but won’t (really outstanding)

2) Veto Corleone: 6 people who have already ruined their lives in 2009

1) Cassy Fiano: Cassy called every Republican Senator about the stimulus. Here’s what they said.

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