The Top 20 Non-Eye Candy Links On Conservative Grapevine For January

From Conservative Grapevine,

20) Ann Coulter: This is the downer we’ve been waiting for! (Link changed)

19) Cassy Fiano: Feminist term of the day: “Shame caves” (This cracked me up).

18) The List Universe: Top 10 unfortunate or embarrassing deaths

17) This Ain’t Hell: Obama blows off Medal of Honor recipient

16) Cara Ellison: “All I can think about, all day long, even when I got the letter that our patent was refused, is unzipping your trousers…”

15) The List Universe: 10 debunked scientific beliefs of the past

14) The List Universe: Another 10 mysteries that defy explanation

13) Aim for Awesome: 9 things that will kill you quick

12) Ann Coulter: More boos than balls

11) Michael Yon: I’m about to sue Michael Moore.

10) Cracked: The 5 most terrifying civilizations in the history of the world

9) Right Wing Video: Video: This is what happens when you’re on a date and you think too much. EXACTLY what happens. Every time (Funny, but a little racy)

8) Cracked: The 11 most retarded fictional weapons

7) Right Wing Video: Video: The most over-the-top reaction to a speeding ticket you’ve ever seen (It is a “wow” moment.)

6) Cracked: Letterman’s 9 most hilariously awkward moments (link corrected)

5) Cracked: How 5 everyday businesses trick you

4) Right Wing Video: Crossing the scariest bridge you have ever seen in China (This is freaky!)

3) Michelle Malkin: “Whore for the far-right”

2) Cracked: 8 racist words you use every day

1) Cracked: 16 more images you won’t believe aren’t photoshopped

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