The Top 5 Reasons Obama’s Approval Rating Hasn’t Plunged Farther At This Point.

I hear people asking about this fairly regularly, so I wanted to do a post to address it.

#1) Keep in mind, Obama’s approval rating has dropped from what it was in the post-election “Ding Dong, Bush is gone” stage. Moreover, many of the pollsters are polling adults, which skews the polls to the left and is meaningless in political terms.

When you look at polling of “likely voters,” as Rasmussen does, Obama is at 56%. That’s still a good number, but not exceptional — and considerably lower than the mid-sixties numbers you’re seeing from pollsters who are looking at adults.

#2) The voters understand that Obama inherited a lot of problems. He walked into office with an economy in the toilet, a war on terror going on, and big companies failing left and right. They’re going to cut him a little slack because of that.

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#3) A lot of Obama’s “solutions” to our problems have just been implemented and haven’t had time to bear poison fruit. The longer Obama is in office, the more apparent it’s going to be that Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing.

#4) The country is comparing the job that Obama is doing to a guy who left office with a 25% approval rating. Obama could snort cocaine off of Barney Frank’s bare back, live in prime time, and it would still look pretty good compared to that. It’s going to take time for people to appreciate some of the things that Bush did right and to regain the trust that the Republican Party squandered over the last few years. Until the American people get confidence in the GOP as an alternative to Obama, they’re going to be reluctant to dump on him too much.

#5) Last but not least, Obama just took office in January and even many of the people who are deeply concerned about his performance are going to be reluctant to turn on him this early. It’s almost like getting married, realizing four months in — that you’ve made a terrible mistake, and thinking, “After everything I’ve put into this, I can’t give up yet.”

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