The Ultimate Way To Create Jobs And Stimulate The Economy: Build A Death Star!

This t-shirt logo, (found via E.M. Zanotti) is pretty awesome because you just know the empire would be busting out exactly the same sort of soaring rhetoric Obama is using today,

Barack Empire

As we all know, the storm troopers were all cloned government workers and like real government workers, they’re not particularly good at their jobs. I mean, let’s face it: when a motley crew of rebels, gay robots, and cutsie critters like Ewoks, Wookies, & Gungans are too much for you, you have to be pretty incompetent.

Plus, where do you think they got the money for the Death Star? Can’t you just hear the pitch?

“What better galactic stimulus could we have than building a death star? It’ll create hundreds of thousands of new jobs and think of how much greenhouse gasses will be saved by destroying entire planets! Building a death star is the only way to prevent galactic warming!”

On the other hand, Obama is far too much of a weenie to be a member of the empire. After all, Vader wasn’t famous for offering to have unconditional negotiations with his enemies.

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