The Value of Tea Parties

Across the nation, conservatives and those who worry about the fiscal nonsense, gather at Tea Parties to protest the government. They are small so far, but more people are attending and collectively, they’re making an impact, though the Media ignores them.

What value do these gatherings have? Neil Boortz thinks not much:

Not trying to rain on your parade .. but you’re taking the easy way out here. “Hey, we’re in a jam, but I DID something! I mailed a tea bag to my congressman! When the history of the 21st century is told I’m going to be right there because I mailed a tea bag!”

Over two hundred years ago young patriots dragged their naked feet down icy roads – leaving a trail of blood – to fight for independence. And you’re sending tea bags. Put a tea bag in the mail and your job is done.

Use your tea bags to make tea and do something meaningful. Go around your workplace or neighborhood and register voters who actually produce and contribute to our society. Trust me, there are enough people out there registering the parasites, find the producers who don’t vote – convince them that their vote is needed and would count – and sign them up. Then take a copy of their voter registration, put it with the other copies you’ve already collected, and send them to your congressman. It sure would count for a lot more than a tea bag. If you think all your co-workers and friends are already registered … then design a little “I’m voting in 2010” pledge form and get them signed. Then send copies of those. What do you think an elected official is going to pay attention to? A tea bag or a pledge to vote in 2010?

Well, it’s about as courageous as writing articles, and I say that as a fellow blogger. Still, I know these people here locally and the same people who come to the Tea Party protests are the same ones active in grassroots activity. They are the ones registering voters and focusing on DOING something. They call their Senators, put pressure on the local organization and want to change the country for the positive in concrete ways.

I’m not sure that lectures by fellow conservatives regarding the usefulness of sending Tea Bags is helpful. It’s the same old thing: cannibalizing. Conservatives should focus ire on the opposition. They certainly have been engaging in far less useful activities for the country than sending symbolic Tea Bags.

Criticism just disheartens the very people who will do the voter registration, make the fundraising calls and do the legwork. We won’t win without these people. The protests should be encouraged.

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