The Washington Post On ‘Wedge Driver’ George Bush

The Washington Post On ‘Wedge Driver’ George Bush: The lefties at the Washington Post have written an editorial claiming that President Bush is a “wedge driver”, is “spoiling for combat”, is launching an “all-out war”, and is seeking “ugly combat”.

What could W. have done to make the Washington Post flip out like this? Did he call Al Gore a “robotic, tree-hugging enviro-weenie”? Did he sign an executive order that forced the Democrats to turn their national headquarters into a hog farm?

No, no, he did something much worse — he “resubmitted the nominations of U.S. District Judge Charles W. Pickering Sr. of Mississippi and Texas Supreme Court Justice Priscilla R. Owen to positions on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit” and he “proposed an economic plan so steeped in conservative ideology as to dampen any possibility of early bipartisan compromise on a stimulus program.”

Well, imagine that — when a Republican President proposes a Conservative economic plan and insists that his Conservative judges get a fair hearing in front of the full Senate he’s starting a “partisan war.” It’s especially galling to hear the Washington Post complain about Owen and Pickering since both of them had their good names smeared and were denied votes in front the full Senate for no other reason than because both of them were Conservatives.

I’ll be on the look out for a similar editorial from the “fair and balanced” Washington Post the next time the Democrats propose something that most Republicans are strongly against. I’m sure I’ll be looking for a long time…

PS: Here’s a great editorial that details the unconscionable way the Democrats have twisted Pickering’s decision in a KKK related trial around so they can attack him as a racist.

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