There’s Your Smoking Gun

There’s Your Smoking Gun: Can even the anti-war crowd be delusional enough to believe that Iraq doesn’t have weapons of mass destruction after this?

“U.N. weapons inspectors in Iraq on Thursday found empty warheads designed to carry chemical warfare agents, a U.N. spokesman said in Baghdad.

Hiro Ueki did not elaborate on the possible significance of the find during an inspection of the Ukhaider Ammunition Storage Area. He said an inspection team had gone there to inspect a large group of bunkers constructed in the late 1990s.

“During the course of their inspection, the team discovered 11 empty 122 mm chemical warheads and one warhead that requires further evaluation,” Ueki said in a statement.

“The warheads were in excellent condition and were similar to ones imported by Iraq during the late 1980s. The team used portable X-ray equipment to conduct preliminary analysis of one of the warheads and collected samples for chemical testing.”

Come on, why else would you have rockets designed to carry, “chemical warfare agents” unless you actually have chemical weapons? Combine this with the artillery shells full of mustard gas that have already been found and no reasonable person could believe anything other than the fact that Iraq has WMD and is lying about it.

***Update*** This is going to be fun — Let’s see who isn’t buying this. Take a wild guess? Yes, there are people on the Democratic Underground who think this is all a set-up =D….

Newsjock: “Right after’s TV ads debut
They do the big media buy on ads that close “That’s why Americans are telling President Bush: Let the Inspections Work.” And this hits the news cycle less than three hours after the ads are announced?

What a co-inky-dink. This administration makes me physically ill.”

starcade: “As I said on the dupe thread…It was “over” for a long time… You knew that, eventually, a “breach” would be manufactured. The protests are far too late. If they’re really interested in bringing the war down, it may take Vietnam-level unrest to do it.”

Mary T: “Err BB By “This Administration” The Poster Meant Bush*s. Iraq didn’t manufacture anything dude the finger is pointing at Bush* and crew.”

Then there are the lefties who swarm to the comments sections at Fark. Gosh, missiles with empty chemical warheads? Gee…Saddam probably planned to get rid of those but forgot. You know like, 1) take out trash 2) Pick up the laundry 3) Get rid of missiles armed with chemical warheads…


Wait… OMG!!! I found an empty bottle which chemicals could go in to! War!!! WAR!!!!!”

Sswift: “If they’re EMPTY, then they can hardly be “warheads”, now can they? You can’t go to war with the top of a missle with no PAYLOAD.

Heck did they even find any missle ENGINES? I mean that at least would be something. What they found were basically chunks of metal.”

GurneyHalleck: “I’m sure there was a conversation in Washington that went something like a scene out of a crappy 70’s television show:

“I don’t care if there isn’t any evidence over there, make sure those weapons inspectors find something. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, Mr. Vice President.”

TheGreatMikeB: “Its wonderful that they found these empty chunks of metal and all. They should inspect the Bagdad U-PULL IT car lot if this is what counts as breaking news.”

But unlike at the DU, some of the Farkers came up with some entertaining lines as well…

MisterStupidFace : “It’s only fair that we now bomb them with empty tomahawks.”

StrikitRich: “Chemical warheads? What chemical warheads? Oh, you mean those chemical warheads.”

Just_Another_Arsehole: “it depends on how empty they are – could be some kind of super vacuum weapon.”

Bass555: “It’s clear they have violated the bans of the United Nations in terms of imports,” Blix said. The imported items include missile parts, CNN’s Richard Roth reported.

“Lucy, you got some splainin’ to do!”

Zombie Zero: “To those who say there’s no reason to worry about empty warheads:

What if you found an empty crack-pipe in your kid’s room?

Golly, nothing to worry about there! It’s empty!”

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