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This & That: Any webmaster who’s reading the page and who hasn’t signed up for Daypop & Blogdex should go ahead and do so. You may get some “search” traffic in and if we have more Conservative/Libertarian webmasters signed up, more articles that are important to us will make the lists. Best of all, if you actually make the list yourself it can bring in a decent amount of traffic. I pulled in around 150 hits this week-end from both of them combined and it wouldn’t hurt my traffic either if more of you were signed up =)


I’m planning on doing a series of the dumbest & most annoying quotes from environmentalists, animal rights activists, leading Democrats, and civil rights leaders. If you have a dumb quote, feel free to post it in the comments section or email it to me. It would be nice if you had a source as well since I’m going to try to track all of these quotes down to make sure they’re genuine.


I sent Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit a thank-you for the three links he gave me last week and here was his reply,

“Just keep doing great stuff. The Blogosphere needs you”

Coming the blogger’s blogger, that is high praise indeed.


Last but not least, here are just a few of the many sites that deserve a little more attention from the Blogosphere: Daily Wonk List, The Weigh-In, Croooow Blog, The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler, 3 Bruces Realpolitik, Curmudgeonly & Skeptical, Rachael Lucas & Blacksheep News.

Give these pages a look if you haven’t been there before, it’ll be worth it.


Any blog that starts off with this sort of first post will probably turn out OK….

“Alrighty, this is my 1st post on my new blogger. Hopefully before long I’ll be having hundreds of hits a day. I might even get as popular as Right Wing News. Not likely, but I’ll give it a go.”

Welcome to the blogging world Johnathan.


Last but not least, if you want to trade links with RWN just link us and send me an email asking to trade. If I like your page and you have me linked I’ll add you.

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