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I’d never have remembered this, except my buddy Mike H reminded me: today is V-J Day.

At 6:10 p.m. EDT on August 14, 1945, The United States received word of Emperor Hirohito’s surrender and declared Victory in Japan or V-J Day. As the news spread, celebrations began throughout the world.

Mike links to a story about the Janesville 99. The Janesville 99 were among the troops sent immediately to the Phillippines, were captured and sent on the Bataan Death March. Only 35 of the Janesville 99 came back from the war. As of 2008, one of them – Lewis Wallisch – was still living.

Also today:

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1935 – Social Security Act Signed Into Law

On this date the Social Security Act was signed into law by President Franklin Roosevelt. The act, originally proposed to Congress under the name “Economic Security Bill” was drafted by the Committee on Economic Security, whose Executive Staff Director was Edwin E. Witte, economics professor at the University of Wisconsin and prominent social insurance expert.

Pretty important day today.

(Lance Burri is The TrogloPundit)

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