Today’s Celebrations Brought to You by the Unicorn Killer

Earth Day is a time to honor the bold progressives who managed the astonishing feat of mainstreaming antihuman nihilism by packaging it as “environmentalism.” Prominent among them is Ira Einhorn, who was instrumental in establishing Earth Day. When the first one took place in 1970, Einhorn was master of ceremonies.

He has another claim to fame:

While a student at the University of Pennsylvania, Mr. Einhorn dated a Bryn Mawr College graduate by the name of Holly Maddux. When the affair ended in 1977, Mr. Einhorn went into a jealous rage and murdered her.

He concealed his crime for 18 months by stuffing Ms. Maddux’s body in a trunk that he kept in his apartment. The foul odor of the decomposing corpse coming from Mr. Einhorn’s Powelton Village apartment caused neighbors to complain. In 1979, police found the trunk stored in a closet in Mr. Einhorn’s apartment.

Ira Einhorn, member of the counterculture pantheon, one of the founders of the environmentalist movement, icon of the liberal intelligentsia, was charged with murder. … At the bail hearing, Mr. Einhorn was praised by a contingent of luminaries — all testifying to his character. There were Ivy League professors, an Episcopalian minister and corporate executives who worked with Mr. Einhorn raising funds. They all stated under oath that he was a man of the greatest integrity.

Arlen Specter, currently Pennsylvania’s senior United States Senator, was Mr. Einhorn’s attorney. He managed to get the bail set at the unheard of amount of $40,000 for the suspected murderer.

Unsurprisingly, Einhorn jumped bail and escaped the country. We finally got France to cough him up by promising to give him a new trial, after he had been convicted in abstentia. He was found guilty again and given a life sentence in 2002.

Here’s where Einhorn — aka the Unicorn Killer — made his second great contribution to the liberal cause:

Proclaiming his innocence, Mr. Einhorn told all that he was framed. He said it was the CIA or the FBI who committed the murder and they were trying to frame him for it because of his political activities.

Some will note that another notorious Philadelphia murderer, Mumia Abu Jamal, used this defense a few years later.

Thanks to Einhorn’s clever defense, it is possible for enlightened progressives to lionize even the vilest mad dog killers. This is crucial in a movement not known for attracting the best humanity has to offer.

Ira Einhorn, a Founding Father of the environmental movement.

On a tip from Byron. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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