Todays EVERYBODY PANIC! Climate Change Story-War, War, War

More doom and gloom, dire predictions, a reason to panic, and overblown rhetoric. It is no wonder that more and more people are believing that anthropogenic global warming is not Mankinds fault, along with so few people caring about AGW as a policy priority. But there never seems to be a shortage of AGW Believers spewing their fear and gloom

CAPE TOWN, South Africa – If we don’t deal with climate change decisively, “what we’re talking about then is extended world war,” the eminent economist said.

His audience Saturday, small and elite, had been stranded here by bad weather and were talking climate. They couldn’t do much about the one, but the other was squarely in their hands. And so, Lord Nicholas Stern was telling them, was the potential for mass migrations setting off mass conflict.

“Somehow we have to explain to people just how worrying that is,” the British economic thinker said.

Say, wasn’t there a rare snow storm in Johannesburg, South Africa, right before the Live Earth disaster, and temps were so cold that the concert had poor attendence? Yes. But, of course, climate change was blamed for the snow and cold (which seems to be the norm nowadays with the Climamakeruppers.) And there have been more snow events since (sorry about the Prison Planet link, but, it is the perfect example, with video.)

But, no worries about global cooling, because we’ll all be too busy fighting because everyone is moving to notice. Or something like that. And we just have to explain to people how worrying that is, before we “fly to Antarctica to learn firsthand how global warming might melt its ice into the sea, raising ocean levels worldwide.” Don’t worry about the CO2 and heat from the trip though: we’ll just buy some carbon credits.

global cooling

I’m waiting for emails soliciting money for “the best carbon credits” to replace those “you’ve won the Zimbabwe lottery!” ones.

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