Today’s Stupid: The Word “Fellow” Is Now Sexist

Garbage like this sure doesn’t come from the Conservative side of the political aisle: Waupun school fears ‘fellows’ in fight song sexist

The principal at Waupun High School has had the school’s fight song rewritten because he feared its use of the word “fellow” could be construed as sexist.

Principal Jeff Finstad says most people didn’t know the lyrics to the song, so students wanted to paint them on the gymnasium wall.

That’s when he read the words, which included the line, “Fight fellows, fight, fight, fight.”

He told students he wouldn’t allow those words on the wall.

So, of course, they had the school fight song rewritten as gender neutral.

Oh, and while we are stuck on stupid, what do you make of a president who asks the head of one private company to step down, while asking a big shot in a company he has excoriated (perhaps rightly) several times to serve on a tax reform task force?

And let’s not forget the stupid which is Joe Biden.

You know the problem with doing a post regarding liberal stupidity? Finding a place to stop. Fortunately, the dinner timer just went off.

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