Tom DeLay’s ‘The Imperative for Action Speech’

Tom DeLay’s ‘The Imperative for Action Speech’ On Aug 21, 2002: This one starts out a little slow as the Majority Whip throws a few bones to his Houston audience but DeLay goes on to make a powerful and compelling case for invading Iraq. He also tears into Europe in a way no American politician has in recent memory. Here are a few samples from this outstanding speech…

“…Despite the expanding capabilities of terror regimes and the growth of evil organizations, Europe peddles excuses for inaction.”


They (Europe) demand we accept consensus as a first principle. They wish to direct the enterprise, but retreat seems to be their only war plan.”


“…The U.S. State Department would do well to remember that it answers to the President of the United States, not the European Union.”


“…The nations across the Atlantic, countries with ample experience in the perils of appeasement are unwilling or unable to summon the resolve to confront gathering evil.

These countries reflexively oppose any exercise of American power unless it`s summoned to liberate the besieged capitals of a vanquished Europe.”

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