Torture Documents: Who Cares Part II

Back on the 17th, I wrote about the Right not really caring about the torture mild discomfort that stone cold Islamic terrorists were put in as a means to gain intelligence. This was in response to an Excitable Andy screed about most on the Right ignoring the issue. And, for the most part, most of us Extreme Right Wing Extremists, as labeled by the new DHS, still just do not care. Though we do enjoy watching

  1. a Party and political ideology that claims to be about looking forward and about the future consistently whining about what has happened in the past, especially when it comes to anything Bush. There is a point where honest criticism becomes an unhinged obsessions, moonies
  2. leftists who claim to be compassionate, but all their compassion seems to be reserved for those who want to destroy the United States (come to think of it, Leftists want to do the same thing, just without the beheadings, true torture, suicide bombings, and mass killings. Though they do threaten violence, they just don’t have the stones for it)

And they are still obsessed. Glenn “Sock Puppet” Greenwald is on his 1,287th update. The Democratic Underground has thread after thread after thread. And Emptywheelat Firedoglake, the home of the Joe Lieberman in blackfacepicture, hand wringing and panty soiling over the treatment of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

I’ve put this detail in a series of posts, but it really deserves a full post. According to the May 30, 2005 Bradbury memo, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was waterboarded 183 times in March 2003 and Abu Zubaydah was waterboarded 83 times in August 2002.

In the list of links at Memeorandum, there is only one conservative: Washington Monthly, The Mahablog, Outside The Beltway (Conservative), Moon of Alabama, American Street,, MyDD and The rest are obviously leftist who are hysterical over the treatment of KSM. You remember KSM, right? “The principal architect of the 9/11 attacks.” We care about him being waterboarded why, exactly? Because it’s torture? Tell that too those who lost loved ones on 9/11. But James Joyner at OTB makes a strange comparison

In related news, Iranian-American journalist Roxana Saberi has been convicted and sentenced to eight yearson charges of spying in Iran. So far as I’m aware, she hasn’t been waterboarded. Would we be fine with it if she had?

I often agree with James’ opinions, but, this comparison lacks merit. There is a world of difference between Saberi and what she supposedly did, and what the three al Qaeda members who were waterboarded were involved in. Perhaps we could ask the 3,000 men, women, and children their plot involved. Oh, wait, guess we can’t.

But not torture. Oh, no, not, you know, torture. That is repugnant to America’s values.

This argument, made by the Last Real Conservative in America, Andy “Trigerism” Sullivan, is typical. They say that being mean to terrorists is not about them, but about us, and what we could become. Well, let’s see. We waterboarded a grand total of 3 Al Qaeda members back in 2003, haven’t done it since (especially since the whining of the Left ruined it as an intelligence gathering method,) and we are still the same old US of A, though Lefties want to take us to being a country we were never meant to be, but, that is a different post. But, funny that Andy worries about what is mostly mental torture, after the disgusting attacks he wrote and pushed about the Palin’s, and still does. Isn’t that considered mental torture?

Balloon Juice

One of the favorite canards of the pro-torture Jack Bauer fetishists, behind only “this resembles fraternity pranks” and “but we do this in SERE,” has always been the “ticking time-bomb” scenario: (snip)

What the torture fetishists want, of course, is not to have the option to torture in these bizarre ticking time scenarios that will never happen outside a Hollywood plot, but to justify torture, period. In the debate over waterboarding, the ticking time-bomb scenario was frequently brought up, most recently in Holder’s confirmation hearing:..

Hysterical rants from the left aside, let me repeat from the other day

If you look at the long list of links at Memeorandum, you’ll see very few conservative blogs listed. Why? Because, for the most part, we really do not care if stone cold jihadis were made uncomfortable with hot and cold conditions, listening to Christina Aguilera music, sleep deprivation, and being exposed to women (only in the Muslim jihadi world are women considered torture.) Our concern is for the 3,000 men, women, and children who lost their lives on September 11, 2001, a date that barely exists in Liberal World. Our concern is for people like Nick Berg. Our concern is in stopping Islamist attacks. Our concern is stopping the march of radical Islam. Not Gitmo detainees (heck, even France, after all the diaper nashing, is only willing to take one (1) if Obama ever actually closes the site)

For those who haven’t been to the Pentagon 9/11 Memorial, it is a very sobering and heartbreaking place.

The Pentagon Memorial park consists of 184 memorial units, each of which are dedicated to an individual victim by its unique placement within the collective field. The field is organized as a timeline of the victims’ ages, spanning from the youngest, three-year-old Dana Falkenberg, to the oldest, 71-year-old John D. Yamnicky. Each memorial unit is located on its respective age line–thin metal strips that cross the memorial park. This ordering develops a powerful understanding of the broad range of the lives lost, from the youngest child to the oldest adult.

Those are the people I reserve my feelings for, not Al Qaeda terrorists.

Update: Wait, KSM’s children were tortured? Oh, wait, the left is so unhinged that they actually have to make stuff up now, which This ain’t Hell… calls them on. And finds more unhinged liberals making insane accusations

Well wait until the bobbleheads at the Democrat Underground start discussing it. Somehow the conversation becomes a discussion about Bush being a child rapist and pornographer;

Imagine if the thread was at the Free Republic, and it was about Obama.

Jules Crittenden has a Memo To Handwringing Short-Twisters

……Here’s an interesting one from NYT, mulling why no one gets worked up about Predator hits that actually kill innocent bystanders, as opposed to dunkings that six years ago caused some brief discomfort to three people. It’s a heat of battle vs. helpless captive thing, NYT informs. That and, I’d suggest, the fact of who is giving the orders when those triggers are pulled nowadays. They could never get enough of denouncing collateral damage in the old days. In other deep, abiding mysteries to occupy a few idle Sunday morning hours, we could also gaze deep into our navels and ponder the lack of lefty concern about any number of gross human rights violations by extreme Islamists.

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