Training Future Generations of Tree-Dwelling Moonbats

Remember the moonbats who climbed up in the trees in Berkeley and wouldn’t come down for nearly two years because they wanted to prevent a sports complex from being built? Remember Tinseltown bubblehead Daryl Hannah, who climbed into a tree on someone else’s property on behalf of Mexican squatters, so that she had to be extracted like a cat? Another generation of arboreal Marxists is heading down the pipe. An Englishman’s Castle reports that children are being assigned this book as homework:


Here’s the plot: A nice old geezer has a tree in his yard, and he lets kids play in it. But then he sells the house, and the new owner decides to cut the tree down. So the kids climb up the tree and sing protest songs, with the encouragement of their parents. The owner calls the police, but soon the mayor arrives to confirm that trees belong to everyone. The mayor takes over the house and the children play in their communist tree happily ever after.

Needless to say, children raised on this evil garbage are going to be slow to grasp that property rights are the fundamental basis of free civilization.

On a tip from Antara. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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