Translating Liberals: ‘Never Waste A Good Crisis’ Really Means…

…We’re thrilled that the American people are suffering because it’s allowing us to scare people into implementing our agenda in the false hope that it’ll fix their problems.

The Republican Party should be saying exactly that and publicly excoriating Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for these remarks,

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told an audience Friday “never waste a good crisis,” and highlighted the opportunity of rebuilding economies in a greener, less energy-intensive way.

Highlighting Europe’s unease the day after Russia warned that gas flows via Ukraine might be halted, she also condemned the use of energy as a political lever.

Clinton told young Europeans at the European Parliament that global economic turmoil provided a fresh opening. “Never waste a good crisis … Don’t waste it when it can have a very positive impact on climate change and energy security,” she said.

Hillary Clinton is out there, in front of Europe, publicly admitting that the Democratic Party wants to exploit this crisis to ram their agenda through.

Where is Mitch McConnell? Where is John Boehner? Where is Michael Steele? How about knocking Hillary and Obama’s blocks off over this?

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