“Travel In The Age Of Twitter”: My Latest Pajama’s Media Article

Since I’m like the wired mom on crack (although I’ve met far worse tech heads than me on Twitter, I’m a piker), I shared how my travel experience went with all the technology in my latest Pajama’s article. Here’s a taste:

Some people yearn for a more innocent time — you know, the agrarian past where people immersed themselves in the joys of using a washboard, hand gathering eggs, and milking cows on their own little plot of heaven while living organic, using the outhouse, and cultivating rare kinds of corn. I am not one of those people.

Please visit Pajamas and read the whole thing.

Also, I’ll be on Twitter where we can talk about all the crappy ways we’ve been worked over while traveling. And too, we can wonder why the technology that makes an iPhone work so well can’t be used to upgrade the airlines.

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