Tricking People Into Making Out With Transsexuals? How Low Will The Networks Go?

While I’m not a big fan of “Reality TV” to begin with, I cannot even begin to fathom how something like this could ever be contemplated by network execs, even in Britain…

“Sky One has shelved a reality show which set up six male contestants with a gorgeous woman – only to reveal that “she” was a transsexual.

The broadcaster said the show, Find Me A Man, would not be included in the current schedule. It had been provisionally scheduled to go out next month.

The six contestants had hired lawyers to block transmission of the programme.

They have made a string of allegations against Sky and the programme makers, Brighter Pictures, including conspiracy to commit a sexual assault, defamation, personal injury and breach of contract.

…Find Me A Man challenged the contestants to woo a leggy South American brunette called Miriam. At least some of them reached levels of “intimacy” with her, including kissing.

Only at the end of the show did they learn the truth – that Miriam was a pre-operative transsexual. The men were said to be “horrified” by the discovery.”

It just boggles the mind that they created a real live “The Crying Game” and wanted to put it in front of their viewers. Not only was it dangerous for Miriam & the staff who were shooting the show (think back to the guy on the Jenny Jones show who shot a man for having a “gay crush” on him), it’s an unbelievably twisted and vicious prank to play on the contestants.

Had that show gone on the air, those men would have been humiliated & mocked by their friends & co-workers. It’s not even remotely comparable to something like Joe Schmo where the person involved comes across as likable & walks away with $100,000 and “guest appearances on various TV talk shows”.

So if they’d put something this cruel and degenerate on the air, what’s next? Tricking people into sleeping with their sisters? Burning down people’s houses to see their reaction? Telling someone that they just slept with a person infected with herpes? That would get people to turn the show back on next week, huh? “Tune in next week to see if Joe Schmo has herpes or not”.

People at Sky One should be getting fired over this show. It isn’t because a lawsuit may keep the program from getting on the air, but because no one who thought this show was a good idea in the first place has any business working in television.

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