Unconstitutional Honduran Referendum Was Rigged, MSM Silent

It isn’t just our leftist government that has been squarely behind Manuel Zelaya in his bid to reduce Honduras to a communist dictatorship. As you’ll recall, the thug serving as president (Zelaya, not Obama) was run out of town on a rail when he declared there would be a national referendum on repealing term limits, so that he could stay in office forever like his role model Hugo Chavez. In addition to being unconstitutional, the referendum was rigged — not that you would ever get that information from our liberal establishment press, which is sympathetic to Zelaya’s authoritarian objectives.

Good thing we have Pajamas Media:

Last Friday, July 17, the Honduran newspaper La Tribuna published a story detailing the Honduran government’s seizure of 45 government-owned computers found hidden in a building adjacent to the presidential palace formally occupied by the deposed President Manuel “Mel” Zelaya. According to the Honduran authorities these computers contained the results of the referendum Zelaya was fervently trying to push through. When the authorities examined those results, they found that the Honduran people had overwhelmingly voted in favor of having a constitutional convention.

This would open the door and allow Zelaya to change the constitution, removing the one-term limit on presidents strictly stipulated by the document. It is similar to what his friend and mentor, Hugo Chavez, did in Venezuela, and Zelaya figured it would work for him, too.

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The only problem with these results was that the plebiscite vote never took place.

On the day Zelaya and his supporters were planning to conduct the referendum, he was arrested in the early morning hours and flown to exile in Costa Rica. The voting results found on those computers were all contrived to indicate a predetermined outcome. Considering the extremely volatile situation in Honduras, the news of this alleged fraud, if found to be true, would change the entire dynamic of this crisis. However, all throughout Friday and later into the weekend, even though various Spanish-language news outlets in Nicaragua, Argentina, and Spain had reported on this very significant development, there was no mention of it at all by the English-speaking mainstream media. … The truth is that this bombshell discovery was very inconvenient to a mainstream media that had already decided to take the side of the deposed Honduran president.

That both our government and our media would put their weight behind a goon like Zelaya in what amounts to an attempted communist coup should chill your blood. America has always stood for liberty, and has sacrificed a great deal of its blood for that cause. But Hopey Change means that for now, the USA is on the side of darkness.

This guy has our Governmedia behind him.

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