Union Petition: “Al Gore Please Run”

Union Petition: “Al Gore Please Run”: At least one American union is already reacting to the recent news that Al Gore may not run for President in 2004. The Union of Comedians, Humorists, Satirists, Bloggers and Guys Who Crack Political Jokes at the Office (UCHSBGWCPJO) has begun circulating a petition pleading with the former vice president to reconsider.

“For the good of the economy…specifically our economy, Mr. Gore, please run for president,” says the text of the petition. “No other potential candidate offers such rich opportunity for our profession.”

While Sen. John Kerry’s candidacy provides a ray of hope, since almost anyone can impersonate his dead-pan delivery, experts said he’s just not inherently funny the way Mr. Gore has been for more than a decade.

“When I’m doing standup,” said one comedian, “all I have to do is come out on stage and say ‘Al Gore…’ and the laughter starts. I’d really miss him.”

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