Unions Offer Bribe to Specter on Card Check

No doubt Arlen Specter was well rewarded for selling out his party and his country by supporting the obscene Porkulus package. The 30 pieces of silver he will get for voting to abolish secret ballots for unionization are already on the table.

Angling for a critical Senate swing vote to pass the “card check” bill that would make it easier to form unions, Pennsylvania labor leaders promised Sen. Arlen Specter that they will switch union members from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party to help him win a tough 2010 primary election, The Washington Times has learned.

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO President William M. George said he pledged Mr. Specter “all kinds of help from the union” in a series of meetings to woo the Republican senator’s support for the bill, which would ease rules favoring secret-ballot elections to unionize workplaces.

“We are pushing to give him help in the primary, including changing Democrats to Republicans for the primary,” Mr. George told The Times. “It’s hard to do because of other races in the state … but we’ll do it for ‘card check.’ “

Democrats have tampered in Republican primaries before. They got Obama into the White House by saddling the GOP with an awful candidate who likely would have lost to Romney if not for Dems voting in its primaries. But if Spectacle thinks unions are going to save his seat, he’s as dumb as he is treacherous — though probably still not dumb enough not the realize the damage the Orwellian Employee Free Choice Act would do to our economy by allowing unions to use bribery and coercion to expand their power, which is the point of doing away with secret ballots.

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