U.S. Intercepts Iraqi Order For One Million White Flags

U.S. Intercepts Iraqi Order For One Million White Flags: There are now more signs of Saddam’s preparations for war. The New York Times today announced that not only had Iraq ordered 1 million doses of a nerve gas antidote, but high ranking officials of Saddam’s army have begun placing large orders for white flags.

“We can only assume the worst” said U.S. General Richard Mortel. “Our military budget cannot once again absorb the cost of housing thousands of surrendering Iraqi soldiers.”

In a report released to the press following the Gulf War, the average cost of housing one Iraqi soldier was near $300 a day. Food, clothing, housing, counseling, and tennis lessons can add up fast at a time of war.

The bulk of flag orders have be traced to a small sweatshop in Haiti. U.S. officials are attempting to contact Kathy Lee Gifford to stop the sale.

If you liked this satire by Steve Tanner, you can see more of his work at Broken Newz.

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