US Pounces On An Old

US Pounces On An Old European Prejudice: I ran across an interesting editorial in the British Times Online about how much America has soured on Europe lately. The author correctly notes the savage beating Europe has been taking among American pundits of late but in the end largely places the blame for it on Le Pen. The author is entirely missing the boat.

There are several reasons why Americans in general are souring on Europe that include: tepid support for the “War on Terrorism”, endorsement of a pro-terrorist UN resolution by several European nations including France and Belgium, a constant steam of snide comments aimed at the Bush administration by European leaders, hysterical condemnations of the camp x-ray detentions, virulent opposition to Israel defending it’s citizens from terrorist attacks, and the wave of anti-semitism that’s engulfed much of Europe.

While Americans view the “War on Terrorism” as every bit as serious and important as WW2, much of Europe seems to view this war as some sort of optional and disagreeable excursion comparable to our forays into Bosnia or Somalia. After America spent 50 years saving Europe from the Nazis, rebuilding European economies, and then defending Europe from the Soviet Union, the fact that Europe doesn’t even want to give lip service to prosecuting the “War on Terrorism” beyond Afghanistan seems to be the height of ingratitude. If a large portion of Europe’s meager support falls away as expected when we hit Iraq and Iran, the expect American animosity towards Europe to reach new heights.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

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