USA Today Hides Left Wing Sources of ‘Church’ Effort for Min. Wage Push

USA Today is attempting to pass off an effort to push a higher minimum wage law as an effort by “churches” when in reality it is a left wing effort sponsored by ACORN, unions and the extremist group American Progress headed by former Clinton front man, John Podesta.

With a misleading headline and an artfully vague first paragraph, USA Today tries to make this effort seem to be headed up by churches and religious figures. The headline, “Churches push for $10 minimum wage by 2010,” pins this effort squarely on churches even as the first paragraph walks that claim back in an artfully vague way.

Religious leaders and advocates, not satisfied with the 70-cent rise in the federal minimum wage that went into effect on Friday, are calling on congressional leaders to hike it up to $10 by 2010.

Notice how the headline doesn’t quite match up to the “Religious leaders and advocates” of the first paragraph. Notice that it goes from “churches” to “advocates.” We all know that churches and advocates are not necessarily one and the same. And when it comes to left wing “advocates,” actual churches are rarely anywhere involved.

Right in the first paragraph we must realize that it isn’t really “churches” that are involved in this effort but it is more likely the advocates of the first paragraph that is heading this min. wage movement.

USA Today names this group as “Let Justice Roll.” So, let’s take a look at the website of this group to see what we find.

There listed as “Current Let Justice Roll Member Organizations” are such groups as ACORN, the AFL-CIO, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Business for Shared Prosperity, Cleveland Jobs With Justice, and World Hunger Education, Advocacy & Training. In fact, there are almost no actual “churches” involved. Even the religious themed organizations involved are NGO styled advocacy groups that are not directly affiliated with any actual church but are left wing advocacy groups started for political, not religious, reasons.

No, what we have here is solidly built of “advocates” and few “churches.” Yet, USA Today tries to paint this effort as a religious movement.

But, even if we can all agree that some “churches” are involved in this effort, why did USA Today so quickly ignore the union connections and the extremist left wing organizations also involved with this? Why did USA Today conveniently forget to mention that it is backed heavily by left wing groups in order to make it appear as if churches are pushing this effort?

The truth is, it is a typical left wing NGO styled effort to further involve government in the economy and USA Today did its level best to hide that salient fact.


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