Use of Kennedy’s Death for Political Advantage Sinks to New Lows

It’s not exactly surprising that the left would use the death of a prominent Democrat political figure in cheap attempts at gaining a political advantage. After all, we saw it with the Paul Wellstone memorial service and the Coretta Scott King funeral. In fact, the left has shown that they will not just use the deaths of liberals to score political points, but they’ll use the deaths of conservatives to do so as well, as long as they perceive that conservative to have been standing shoulder to shoulder with them on any number of big issues they deem important (see the death of Ford, Gerald for more).

This past week, as many predicted in the aftermath of Ted Kennedy’s death, the uses of his demise for political gain (Let’s pass healthcare reform for Teddy! Let’s pass immigration reform for Teddy!) have been both swift and constant, as a few minutes can’t pass by without some bleeding heart liberal or mainstream media commentator (but I repeat myself) imploring us all to do what we can “for Teddy!”

Friday, I linked up to a WSJ report on how Democrats in Massachusetts are now trying to change a law they pushed for and enacted in 2004 on the issue of Senate vacancies, and the reason they want to change it is in order to swiftly put a liberal replacement in the Senate for Ted Kennedy until the special election can be held in January. The whole reason the left pushed for the change in the law back in 2004 was so Republican Governor Mitt Romney wouldn’t have a chance to appoint a Republican replacement for Kerry, should he have been elected President. Now, since Kennedy has passed on, they want the law changed again in order to give a Democrat governor (Deval Patrick) the power they took away from that position in 2004, to appoint an interim replacement in the Senate … so whoever that Democrat is can vote in favor of ObamaCare – “for Teddy!” of course.

Little did we know how far some on the left would go in order to rationalize getting the laws changed on the books in MA in order to quickly replace Senator Kennedy.

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