Victor Davis Hanson Hammers The Anti-War Left

Victor Davis Hanson Hammers The Anti-War Left: Victor Davis Hanson’s latest column on the hypocrisy of the anti-war left is the best editorial I’ve read in the last month. Here are the last two paragraphs…

“So we have at last arrived at Cloudcuckooland: A hierarchal United States military is more tolerant of liberals in its ranks than liberal universities are of their critics on campus. Republicans support dangerous interventions abroad to remove dictators and free oppressed peoples, as leftist dissidents agitate for hands-off mass murderers and medieval theocrats. A democratic Israel is slandered as imperialistic and fascistic while an authoritarian Palestinian regime is given a pass for theft, murder, and torture. And liberals, women, and homosexuals are saved in Afghanistan thanks to the work of Air Force pilots and special forces, as reactionary fundamentalists and thugs seek to hold onto their autocracy in part by finding solace with anti-American leftists. Who would have ever thought that democratic Iraqis would seek our military’s help, while agents of Saddam Hussein would line up to find solidarity with those now marching?

Face it: Slobodan Milosevic, Mullah Omar, Yasser Arafat, and Saddam Hussein — not the ghosts of the thousands of their innocent dead — all prefer Ramsey Clark to George Bush. We are seeing nothing less than quite literally the end of an era — witnessed by the intellectual suicide of an entire generation, who in their last gasps are proving they have been not very moral people all along.”

I’ve noticed the same thing that Hanson did here and I’ve been writing up an editorial about it that will be out next week. It even goes deeper than the foreign policy agenda. It’s now the right-wing that champions a color blind world and the left that champions race based discrimination. It’s the right that is pushing vouchers to improve schools in America and the left that is desperate to preserve the status-quo at the expense of our children’s education. While the left claims they want to help poor, they’re against every effort to put the criminals who prey primarily on the poorest among us in jail. All this is symptomatic of a deep, intellectual rot on the left and I doubt if it’s going to get better anytime soon.

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