Video Of The Day: Kid Rides Giant Python

Normally, I save the videos for Right Wing Video, which incidentally, just cracked 3000 daily uniques for the first time yesterday (Are you hitting RWV every day? If not, you should be).

However, this video and the snarky comments that went with it on YouTube were so good I just had to talk about it on RWN.

Here’s the vid: Kid Rides Giant Python (A small boy in Cambodia has made friends with a 5 meter-long Burmese python. Let’s hope it lasts.)

Personally, I think this is a Darwin Award waiting to happen, but who am I to tell the bad parents of the century that they’re crazy to let their kid pal around with a giant python? Anyway, some of the comments for this video were that entertaining mix of hilarious/cruel/evil that YouTube’s fans seem to specialize in and as such, were worth posting.

churroexpress: Give that kid 3 more years and 4000 calories a day and we will see if that snake is still his best friend.

Berruk: I cant wait for the next video. “5 year old boy killed by best friend aka pet snake.”

kmf78: next we’ll be hearing a 911 call of this boy being strangled by the giant python, just like the lady with the chimp……

xchrisbobisx: yeah man animals need to be domesticated no one bothers with snakes and it will take like 100 generations of dicipline to domesticate a species of snakes. even if this one is well behaved it will f*ck someone up sooner or later. imagine you step on it when your walking at in your house at night, GG.

wildcat111: I think that snake is lulling them into a false sense of comfort, and then one day it’s going to take their shoes and run away….and oh yeah it’s going to eat the kid before it runs away. but the shoes are gonna be gone for sure.

jpcabral: “They are inseparable” – If they forget to feed that snake this will become a literal statement.

Linoxism: I can’t even convince my parents to get me a dog, and this child gets a python? Where’s the justice?

PS: If, by some utterly bizarre quirk of fate, the kid from this video or someone sane in Cambodia who happens to know him comes across this post, please pass on a message for me. That message is, “That’s a giant snake! Do you understand me? A! Giant! Freaking! Snake! Run, run like the wind, before it eats you alive!”

PS #2: On a related note, why couldn’t Arlen Specter’s parents have bought him a Giant Python to play with for his 5th birthday?

PS #3: Was that a little mean? Okay, I take it back…

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