Violence In Iran After Election Sham, An Grey Lady Gets HopeyChangeyIdioty

First of all

It is impossible to know for sure how much the ostensible re-election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad represents the preference of an essentially conservative Iranian public and how much, as opposition voters passionately believe, it is the imposed verdict of a fundamentally authoritarian regime.

Witnesses reported that at least one person had been shot dead in clashes with the police in Vanak Square in Tehran. Smoke from burning vehicles and tires hung over the city late Saturday.

Lots of good stories linked to over at Memeorandum, well worth the read, and ABC News has more, such as burning tires, cut communications service, etc, but, where else did the Paper Of Record go?

Reverberations as Door Slams on Hopes of Change

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I wonder if they had this story all ready to go last November had McCain/Palin won, and just changed a few words?

Really, if anyone thinks much would have changed at all had Ahmadinejad lost, I hope they get their heads examined.

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