Virginia bakery taking orders for Confederate flag cake

by John Brodgian | July 11, 2015 4:23 pm

Baked goods seems to be the next front in the culture wars.  A bakery in Virgina, after a discussion on Facebook, decided to make a caked with Confederate flag icing.  The results[1]?


“It should still be that you can agree to disagree with somebody, and if they don’t agree with you, you just move on and keep living your life,” Mike told us. “We had someone threatening to sue us and threaten to protest our store and making all these demands. To us, it just seemed like strong-arming, trying to get their way versus realizing that we’re all individuals with our own opinions.”

Has making the Confederate flag cake helped or hurt their business? The Sweeneys said since they posted the photo of the original flag cake on Facebook last week, about 20 more people have ordered one.

“There is a lot of Civil War history here in Fredericksburg,” said Mike. “We definitely had no idea that it would be as popular as it has gotten.”

Of course, liberals are trying to trap them to get them to deny baking a cake for a gay wedding.  Their response? “We had people calling for those and we told them we would be happy to make a cake celebrating that.”

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