Want To Be Included On My Blogger Poll List?

I regularly poll right-of-center bloggers on a variety of different issues and over the next couple of months, there are going to be some fantastic “end-of-year” polls that I’ll be doing.

About 10 days ago, I noticed Rick Moran at Right Wing Nuthouse publicly wondering if I’d deliberately left him off my blogger mailing list.

Honestly, I didn’t leave him off the list deliberately. In fact, there’s almost no one on the right that I’m leaving off deliberately unless they’ve asked not to be included or don’t meet the qualifications (listed below).

Since that’s the case, if you are a right-of-center blogger and are not on my email list and would like to be, please shoot me an email at the following address johnhawkins -at- rightwingnews.com.

One caveat: there are a few qualifications to make sure that I don’t add you on today and have to cut you off the list in a month or two.

1) You need to have been around for at least a couple of months.
2) You need to regularly post at least once per day, M-F.
3) You do need to be right-of-center. So, if you’re a liberal, voted for Obama, etc., there’s no need to contact me.

If you meet those qualifications and would like to be on my list, shoot me an email today. The next big poll should be going out tomorrow and you will definitely want to get in on this one…

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