War Tourists Leaving Iraq

War Tourists Leaving Iraq: As most of you have probably heard, many of the human shields war tourists are leaving Iraq now that the Iraqis are insisting that they actually start “shielding” some potential targets. But truth be told, as this article from the Daily Telegraph reveals, many of these people never intended to truly be “human shields” in the first place…

“On the bus, Sue Darling, who was in touch with Dr Hashimi, had told the shields they would stay with families or in schools, hospitals and orphanges.”

So basically, many of these people were planning to go to all the places that the US military would bend over backwards not to attack in the first place. But now that they’re being asked to “shield” areas of strategic importance that may actually be hit it’s a different story…

“I am ashamed to be leaving you at this time of need, but I’m going out of pure, cold fear,” Godfrey Meynell, 68, told the two Iraqi factory workers standing before him. His white hair was, as always, unbrushed; his navy windcheater zipped up to the chin. “This power plant is next to a bridge, surrounded by Republican Guard,” he continued. “It’s obviously a prime target.” The men, who understood this fear too well, returned his handshake and thanked him warmly.”

According to another article by the Daily Telegraph, only about 65 out of 200 human shields have “agreed to take up positions at the oil refineries, power plants and water-purification sites selected by their hosts.” How many of those 65 people will make it through the war without being…

1) Killed by bombs
2) Killed by Saddam’s men
3) Slaughtered after the war is over in the general chaos or because they were helping Saddam

You know what we have here? A bunch of goofballs who treated a symbolic gesture as if it were a serious idea, got in way over their heads, and now they’re going to have to either slink out of Iraq with their tails between their legs or risk dying in a completely pointless attempt to save a murderous regime. I can’t say that I feel sorry for them because all of this was predictable from day one.

As Iraqi blogger Salam Pax said on Jan 26th, “Those foreigners are all over the place, I think I know what it should be called: War Tourism. betcha they will be out of here faster than you can say ‘Iraqi-peace-team’ when things get a bit too hot.” Indeed.

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