Waxman Puts Protections In His AGW Bill To Protect Us……..

from Waxman’s anthropogenic global warming bill

So on Friday came the details of Waxman’s “allowance allocation,” which is what he calls the ration coupons. That’s right: we’re all seven again, and the state is our Mommy, meting out our yearly energy allowance. Waxman released a two-page memo to describe the now 1,000 page bill, which is apparently how many pages it takes to hide the biggest tax increase in U.S. history and hand out favors to the Al Gore crowd.

In the Democrats’ now-commonplace Orwellian mode, the two-page memo was full of “protections” the bill offers, laid out in boldface type: “Protection from electricity price increases,” “Protection from natural gas price increases,” “Protection from home heating oil price increases,” “Protection of low- and moderate-income households.” Then comes “Transition assistance for industry,” comprised of “Protection for energy-intensive, trade-exposed industries” and “Protection for domestic energy production.”

That’s an awful lot of protection Waxman’s selling, and it begs the question: from what? His bill, of course. For nearly every sector that it targets with its taxation and “investment” provisions, the bill claims as a marketing ploy to have offered protection. These temporary, select deals were in return for allowing certain provisions of the bill to be designed according to the specifications of particular members of each of those targeted groups — as brazenly admitted by Waxman in the first draft of the bill’s “Findings” section.

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Today starts the hearings by the House Energy and Commerce Committee over AGW legislation, legislation which will jack the price of pretty much everything. Something that President Neophyte is looking forward to, since “Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.” And we can see that even Henry Waxman understands that The People need protections from what government is about to do. But, I doubt they are too concerned, since this is just another step in making the populace even more dependent on government.

Say, Al Gore Disciples, I’m wondering: now that government is “doing something,” how do you feel about government hitting you up? You always expect someone else to get smacked with the burden, but, if this passes, you will be burdened. Was this the Change you can believe in?

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