We Can’t Beat The Terrorists With Defense

We Can’t Beat The Terrorists With Defense: The terrorist attacks in Bali show how futile it would be to try to win the ‘war on terrorism’ with defense alone. No matter how good our security and our intelligence is, there will always be gaps the terrorists can exploit. In this case, they didn’t even have to go into a Western country to kill Westerners. They simply found a nation that did a mediocre job of pressuring them, picked out a spot where Westerners congregated, and murdered them wholesale.

Moreover, they didn’t hit a high profile target like the WTC or the Statue of Liberty, they hit a nightclub. In Israel, they blew up everything from pizza parlors to people standing around at bus stops. Quite frankly, there is NO WAY to defend against that sort of thing long-term. Maybe extra security and excellent intelligence will get a significant number of these terrorists but some of them are always going to slip through the net. They have thousands of men they can use & an almost infinite number of significant targets. It’s pure statistics.

The latest massive attack was in Bali, but it could have just as easily been at a crowded nightclub in any American city. You don’t think so? Do you know how EASY it is get into the US? There may already be more than eight million plus illegal aliens here already. If they can sneak into the US, so can the terrorists. Furthermore, everyone knows the INS is a complete joke that isn’t capable of deporting the illegal aliens who overstay their VISAS or who sneak into the country illegally. So once the terrorists are in the US they’re capable of heinous acts of terrorism at will unless they screw-up, someone rats them out, or we get lucky.

That’s why it’s absolutely crucial that we cut these terrorist groups off at their source. Hunting these terrorists down and making them run or fight for their lives instead of giving them time to plan and execute attacks is the most important thing we can do to prevent terrorist attacks. Terrorists hiding in caves, running from special forces, locked in jail, or rotting in the ground aren’t going to be capable of carrying out more 9/11s, Passover Massacres, or Bali bombings.

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