“We have a confluence…here”

Fausta Wertz says this about the 2008 presidential election milieu:

We have a confluence of factors here: corrupt, power-hungy politicians like Nancy Pelosi who will go to any lengths to consolidate their stranglehold on the country; Alinksy socialists like Obama who believe in redistributing wealth; people like Ayers who hate America and who want to end capitalism, and people who see Obama as a savior. Just yesterday I was in a podcast where one of the callers referred to Obama as fulfilling a Biblical prophecy: “a left-handed king who delivered the people after eight years” (they were possibly referring to Ehud, who was a judge, not a king?). And on top of all that, a media complicit in bringing them to power, even placing halos on Obama. All of them together can and will bring down democracy and free speech.

And interestingly, McCain is still close and may even win. In fact, I believe he will win–if he can overcome the voter fraud by the Democrats. What does that say about the American electorate?

The catalyst for the reflection: a Democrat laments the state of the Democratic Party and the media.

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