Wearable Carbon Credit Meter

Here’s a gift idea for the moonbat who has everything except a way to measure his neurotic guilt — the Wearable Carbon Credit Meter. From TreeHugger:

[T]he carbon meter would fit on your hand and glows a particular color – green, yellow, orange or red – depending on how well you’re using your public transportation allowance. Are you saving more carbon by hopping onto a train for a short ride, or would the hybrid bus have actually had the smaller footprint? The meter would let you know.

Not only does the meter help you track your ecosins, it could help Big Brother track them too:

All the information about how many passengers are taking advantage of the various kinds of transportation would be uploaded to a government database where the data could be analysed and the transportation system greened up ever more.

This technology would also assist our rulers in keeping tabs on what everyone is up to, so that they won’t have to rely so much on volunteers turning people in at Obama’s Snitch Line. Who says Obamunism squelches innovation?

The Wearable Carbon Credit Meter “tracks your monthly transportation allowance.”

Hat tip: motorcitytimes.com. On tips from The Blogprof and BURNING HOT. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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