Welcome To The VRWC Dawn

Welcome To The VRWC Dawn: You know, if I were a Democrat, I’d find this post on Dawn Olsen’s page disturbing. Why? Because, Dawn is talking about her recent “almost complete” conversion to Conservatism and juding by the comments, she’s not alone. Here are a few excerpts from Dawn’s post and from some of the comments…

Dawn Olsen: “Yes folks, it is true. The only calculated response by the Left is SHEER AND UTTER OUTRAGE. That is a pretty intense response to maintain to ALL THINGS THAT GLEAM OF REALITY. I can see it now, the liberals were sipping their sour grapes while listening to Bush’s speech and instead of “listening” they were remarking on how the VP has no neck and the Speaker has no neck, what a bunch of fatties those two are. Oh wait, that was what I was saying. No what the Left heard was “blah, blah, blah, Taxes,blah, blah,blah, Destroy the Environment, blah, blah, blah WAR FOR OIL.”

Gee, that’s funny, cause what I heard was a man, who only 3 years ago I wanted to burn in effigy, give an excellently delivered speech that was both heartfelt, principled, passionate and sincere, but also RIGHT ON with what I think this country needs.

…those who live in a dream world are also the same ones who think that the Conservatives of this country are Evil incarnate. They hear nothing, they see nothing and worst of all THEY DO NOTHING.

Don’t call me a liberal. You can call me a middle of the road conservative who was converted over time, BY LISTENING, READING, FILTERING ENDLESS PILES OF PROPAGANDA BY THE LEFT, and most of all watching the way the Conservatives conduct themselves, compared to the way the Liberals conduct themselves.

Hilary is pathetic. Lieberman is a talking head with NO ORIGINAL IDEAS OR IDEALS. I am fed up with the entire Democrat party. They are embarassing. Their behavior is outrageous. They all remind me of middle managers at the most mismanaged company on earth. Taking credit for what their subordinates did and then spoonfeeding bullsh*t to the upper tiers and ultimately looking out for one person: themselves.

I don’t know what speech the Dems saw last night, but I can’t wait to cast my vote in 2004.”

Owen: “The scary part is that the Dems saw the public’s rejection of their policies in the last election as a reason to re-emphasize those same policies.


If they can’t figure out a way to form a *positive* alternative to the Republican agenda without depending on outdated ideas that the American people are getting tired of rejecting every four years, there won’t even be a Democratic party after 2004.

I’ve not had to vote R yet, but if they don’t fix the party soon I can’t see how I can avoid it next year.”

Iron Fist: “Dawn, You are not alone. Just this evening I had a similar conversation with one of my fellow Instructors. He’s a big dog in the Union at one of our larger Federal agencies in my area.

I said to him, “Look, I can understand why people have issues with the Republican Party. I’m not lockstep with them, myself. But the Dhimmicommies are freakin’ crazy. They would rather have American cities gassed than the Republicans cut taxes.”

His response was “You are absolutely right. I can’t support that.”

Harry: “I don’t consider myself a conservative now, but I was once a liberal. I cried myself to sleep the night after Bobby Kennedy died. And I’d be a liberal again if somewhere, somehow, the Democrats could find a liberal with a functioning pair of balls. A liberal who understood that there are indeed evil ideas, institutions, and people in this world, and that to do good for people sometimes you have to be a bigger, meaner SOB than evil people.

…Today’s liberals seem to need testosterone supplement therapy; it’s as if they think you can stop someone from trying to kill you by being nice to them or that all problems are the result of “miscommunication” instead of very real differences in morality and ethics.

Don’t get me wrong—people like Ashcroft make my skin crawl, and I don’t think the definition of economic justice is when working single mothers who can’t collect child support pay taxes at the same rate as Bill Gates. But the first obligation of any government is to keep the people safe from harm, and today’s liberals simply lack the guts and realism to do the job.

If there was a realistic, tough-minded liberal out there—in other words, another JFK or RFK—he or she would have my vote in a second. But I don’t want to trust the survival of my family or country to a bunch of limpid Mr. Rogers wannabes.”

Court: “Good for you. I too used to have liberal leanings. But I got tired of never hearing a good argument from the left, only whining. That’s what pushed me over to the right side.

I want to associate with people who can present a clear, competent argument that appeals to the brain, not a sob story intended to appeal to the heart.

There are a few lefties out there like that, but for the most part I see the good arguments coming from the right.”

Michael S: “Dawn, I am with you 100%. I would still define myself as a liberal, maybe even capital L Liberal. But I don’t see Al Sharpton representing the ideals I hoped for, I don’t see Hillary Clinton’s “race is character” stand taking us too far. I do know that any group who does not see that we are fighting for our lives is out of touch with reality. Before WWII there was legimate disagreement about America First. After Pearl Harbor Lindhberg and the others came in to fight the war 100%. We didn’t argue about a Germany first policy even though it was Japan that attacked us. We destroyed fascism in those nations. I do not understand the attitudes of people in my community to have “It started here; end it here” bumper stickers. Let’s end it there and end it good.”

Cory: “Dawn, As someone who has voted nearly straight Democrat in the last two elections, I feel a strong understanding of where you are coming from. I’m tired of voting for a party simply because it is reflexivly anti-Republican. Living in California, I’ve seen how the party has continued to erode our freedoms in its zest for promoting equality for the “benefit” of the common weal.

If you give a living wage to someone who folds towels, does it give them an incentive to better themselves so they can eventually earn what they are worth? No. When you impose a mandatory percentage of cars that must be absolutely zero emissions even if it is economically unfeasible, does the public benefit? No. Time and again, I’ve seen how the Democratic party here seems hellbent on regulating us all into the slavery of absolute equality and I’m sick of it. What is even worse is that more and more, the national party seems the same way.

…Sadly, I feel that expecting such common sense from the Democratic party is becoming wishful thinking these days. Though I have to say, if I switch parties I’m going to have a b*tch of a time getting a gun rack into my Miata…”

That may be just one thread on one blog, but personally I think it’s part of a larger trend. I guess we’ll find out in 2004…

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