What Is Europe Going To Do? Wag Their Finger At Us?

What Is Europe Going To Do? Wag Their Finger At Us?: I think this gives you an excellent idea of why the sanctions on Iraq after the Gulf War failed and why they have no prospect of succeeding in the future…

“European Union foreign ministers came under harsh criticism yesterday for moving a meeting 5,500 miles so that a Zimbabwe minister can take part without breaching the “smart sanctions” travel ban.

…EU foreign ministers were supposed to hold a meeting with the Southern African Development Community in Copenhagen on Nov 7 and 8. But several delegations from the 14-nation African bloc hinted that they would boycott the gathering unless the Zimbabwean government was included.

Rather than cancelling the summit – or simply going ahead regardless – the European Union agreed to move the entire meeting to Mozambique’s capital, Maputo, making a mockery of the travel ban. The decision to switch the location is a slap in the face of the European Parliament, which passed a unanimous resolution last month demanding that Mr Mudenge be banned from the meeting.

…There have been repeated sightings of Zimbabwe ministers and officials in Europe even though they are on the visa blacklist. Last month, it emerged that the trade minister, Samuel Mumbengegwi, was allowed to stay for a week at a smart hotel in the Brussels shopping district.”

The very nations in Europe that are calling for sanctions aren’t willing to enforce them — even when confronted by a two-bit dictator like Robert Mugabe and a few near powerless African nations. Without strong enforcement, sanctions, international law, UN Resolutions, etc, don’t mean anything.

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