What Is There For The Inspectors To Negotiate With The Iraqis?

What Is There For The Inspectors To Negotiate With The Iraqis?: According to the Washington Times, euro-weenie arms inspector Hans Blix is having negotiations with the Iraqis…

“International arms inspectors, led by Hans Blix, and Iraqi officials on Tuesday had a second round of talks ahead of the resumption of searches for Iraq’s suspected weapons of mass destruction.

Additional talks were scheduled for later Tuesday, but a scheduled meeting between Blix and Iraqi Foreign Minister Naji Sabri was postponed with no reason given.

Blix, after the first round of talks, said tangible progress was achieved despite the difficult and sensitive negotiations.”

Excuse me, but what makes these negotiations “difficult and sensitive” and what is there to “negotiate?” It basically boils down to the fact that either Iraq does everything the inspectors ask of them or we invade. If Hans Blix asks to use someone’s tie to wipe a stain off of his mouth, they give it to them. If Blix demands that Naji Sabri’s wife spend the night in his tent giving him a backrub, the Iraqis give in. If Blix wants to walk out into the Iraqi countryside and demand that people either guess his middle name or he gets their firstborn child a la Rumplestilskin, that’s what they have to do. At this point, it’s do or die — or do and die, same difference. Either way, the time for “negotiations” is long since over.

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