Whatever It Takes — Never Again

Whatever It Takes — Never Again: I wish all the anti-war protestors who are doing everything in their power to try to stop us from destroying the global terrorist network, had to read what you’re about to read. It might make some of them a little less concerned about the rights of terrorists & tyrants and a lot more concerned about stopping another 9/11.

Some of the families who lost loved ones on 9/11 testified at an arraignment in Germany and their grief was still terrible to behold…

“I have watched my son die a hundred times – every time they show those takes of the towers falling,” said Ms Molinaro, whose firefighter son Carl was last seen racing up the stairs of the World Trade Centre’s north tower. “Even now, when I watch – and I always do – I lean towards the television and in my heart and my mind I scream, ‘Run, Carl, run. This time you’ll make it out’.”

As she went on to say that she would never again hear her son say that he loved her, the German interpreter at her side choked on his words and came to a halt.”

“…Deena Burnett, whose husband, Tom, led the revolt against the hijackers of flight 93 which crashed in Pennsylvania, gave much of her testimony fighting back tears. She described how her three children attached crayon drawings to helium-filled balloons “with the childish belief that an angel will carry them to Tom.”

“…Perhaps the most harrowing testimony of all came in a broad New York accent from Maureen Fanning, a nurse and the widow of Captain Jack Fanning, the head of the city’s Hazardous Materials Unit.

She recounted how his death left her to bring up two severely autistic sons, and how she had placed one of them in a home within six weeks of the attacks.

She was later approached by the director of the home who doubted that her son, Sean, understood what had happened and felt that he needed to be shown. She prepared a series of pictures, of which the last showed the twin towers engulfed in smoke.

With social workers hemming him in to prevent him from bolting, she “explained to Sean that Jack was hurt in the bad smoke.

“Sean screamed ‘No’ repeatedly as we all watched in tears. We did this twice to make certain Sean understood that Jack was not coming home again, and both times his reaction was the same as he screamed and cried, ‘No’.”

I don’t care what it takes or who likes it and who doesn’t, we should use any means necessary to destroy every terrorist group of global reach and every regime that supports them. No matter what we do, we can’t guarantee that there won’t be other terrorist attacks, attacks that may very well dwarf 9/11, but we owe it to the people that died on 9/11 and their families to do EVERYTHING within the limits of the Constitution to protect our people.

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