When Conservatives Peacefully Protest Leftists Are Afraid–UPDATED

I don’t pay attention to Lefty blogs…mostly, because they’re havens of psychologically imbalanced emotionalism. For more psychological dissecting of the Left, read Dr. Pat Santy of Dr. Sanity fame.

There is one key psychological concept every conservative should know because the Left is in this perpetual state. It’s called projection. Or, in Kindergarten speak “when you you point one finger at me, three point back at you”. Projection is defined as follows:

psychological projection (or projection bias) is a defense mechanism where a person’s personal attributes, unacceptable or unwanted thoughts, and/or emotions are ascribed onto another person or people. According to Wade, Tavris (2000) projection occurs when a person’s own unacceptable or threatening feelings are repressed and then attributed to someone else.

This is important to know. Because when a leftist screeches “hypocrisy!”, it’s a case of projection.

When a Leftist decries the incendiary talk of the “right wing”, it’s projection.

When a Leftist calls Conservatives crazy, it’s a case of projection.

When Leftist worry about the violence of the Right Wing killing cops, it’s a case of projection.

I bring this all up because commenters at my Houston Chronicle blog–basically a bunch of liberal trolls with nothing better to do than spew stupid–are kvetching about the upcoming Tea Party Protests. People (of all political stripes, by the way) peacefully protesting are called racist, radical, hate-filled, etc. You know the drill.

The Left just cannot handle when they do not control the anti-establishment narrative. But it’s time they admit it: They are the establishment. Government interference means that their beloved Barack Obama is interfering with American lives. It is Barack Obama taking control of individuals and companies and industries.

Protests used to be a sign of patriotism. Now, if a person is anti-establishment (i.e. anti-the ideas coming out of the Democrat House, Senate and Executive Branch, oh, and don’t forget the media), he’s an obstructionist, racist, violent, crazy person. Well, if the press decides to cover the Tea Parties, they’ll meet working Americans who are sick of being bullied by a ruling class that has forgotten that they represent the people rather than preside over subjects. They will see families and tax payers and fed up Americans wanting to have their voices heard.

What bothers Leftists so much is that they believe they own the outsider, persecuted status and don’t much like seeing the opposition protesting now that their leader is the establishment. The whole order of things has been shifted. Well, you can’t own the power everywhere and still cling to your victim-status, Leftists.

The Marxist ideology, socialist actions and liberal arrogance is waking up the silent majority. People who haven’t paid attention to politics for years are paying attention now. And they’re going to Tea Party protests across America on April 15th. Unlike most Leftist gatherings, these protests will be peaceful, energized and fun. Nothing to fear here… No need to project violence fantasies on the Right.

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