When Freedom Or Oppression Is A Choice, Obama Chooses Oppression

I’m thinking about the overture Barack Obama made to the “Islamic Republic of Iran” two days after theses same leaders killed dissident blogger Omid-Reza Mirsayafi. Rather than condemn an evil regime, he affirmed them. Meanwhile, those fighting for freedom languish and die:

Whether Mirsayafi’s death cows or emboldens Iran’s dissident bloggers remains to be seen. Not the least of their considerations will be the attitude of Mr. Obama, who in his videotaped address went out of his way to speak of “the Islamic Republic of Iran,” thereby giving the mullahs claim to a nation, and a civilization, they have done so much to oppress and degrade. Yes, an American president must look first, second and third to American interests. But a presidency predicated on the view that our values are our strength should not forsake those values for diplomatic expediency, much less betray our friends abroad who live, and have died, by those values.

Freedom lovers worldwide will grow increasingly afraid, both within and without America. President Obama values appeasement over freedom. That’s the new world order. Dissident fight at their own risk. Their regimes have nothing to fear from Obama.


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