When Is The Change Coming To North Korea?

When is the change coming? I thought when Barack Obama was elected, he was going to get together with all the world leaders and bring world peace. Remember that? Because everybody loves Barack Obama. Everybody loves Barack Obama. Apparently, everybody doesn’t love Barack Obama, okay? Apparently, this guy is a paper President created by the media. — Drinking With Bob

While Barack Obama is greasing the skids for his union pals in the auto industry and having a ball doling out other people’s money on useless government projects, the world around us is continuing to get more dangerous.

The crazy, poofy-haired guy who runs North Korea now has a proven nuclear bomb and right on cue, he has ramped up the belligerent rhetoric,

North Korea threatened a military response to South Korean participation in a U.S.-led program to seize weapons of mass destruction, and said it will no longer abide by the 1953 armistice that ended the Korean War.

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“The Korean People’s Army will not be bound to the Armistice Agreement any longer,” the official Korean Central News Agency said in a statement today. Any attempt to inspect North Korean vessels will be countered with “prompt and strong military strikes.” South Korea’s military said it will “deal sternly with any provocation” from the North.

South Korean President Lee Myung Bak ordered his government to take “calm” measures on the threats, his office said in a statement today. Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary, Takeo Kawamura, echoed those remarks and called on North Korea to “refrain from taking actions that would elevate tensions in Asia.”

The threats are the strongest since North Korea tested a nuclear weapon on May 25, drawing international condemnation and the prospect of increased sanctions against the communist nation. South Korea dispatched a warship to its maritime border and is prepared to deploy aircraft, Yonhap News reported, citing military officials it didn’t identify.

Could this just be Kim Jung-Il flapping his gums to get attention again? Sure. He does it all the time.

On the other hand, he may be emboldened by the fact that he now has working nuclear weapons and a weakling in the White House. In his mind, this may be an opportunity to take action.

If that’s what he’s thinking — and who knows what goes on in that lunatic’s brain — this inane, toothless spiel from Barack Obama couldn’t have done anything other than encourage him,

President Barack Obama assailed North Korea Monday for new missile tests, saying the world must “stand up to” Pyongyang and demand that it honor a promise to abandon its nuclear ambitions.

Appearing on the White House steps, Obama said that its latest nuclear underground test and subsequent test firings of short-range ground to air missiles “pose a grave threat to the peace and security of the world and I strongly condemn their reckless action.”

It was his second statement within hours of the tests, the latest in a number of nuclear actions that Obama said “endanger the people of Northeast Asia.” He called it “a blatant violation of international law” and said that it contradicted North Korea’s “own prior commitments.” Obama had released a written statement chastising the North Koreans in the early morning hours of Monday.

In his statement in the White House Rose Garden, he noted that the latest tests had drawn scorn around the world. Pyongyang’s actions “have flown in the face of U.N. resolutions” and had deepened its isolation, he said, “inviting stronger international pressure.”

“North Korea will not find security and respect through threats and illegal weapons,” the president said. “We will work with our friends and allies to stand up to this behavior. The United States will never waver from our determination to protect our people and the peace and security of the world.”

Oooh, a “blatant violation of international law.” Scary! His actions have “flown in the face of U.N. resolutions!” Oh, no!

In all fairness to Barack Obama, George Bush didn’t do nearly enough to convince North Korea to get rid of their weapons. I think he should have applied more pressure to China and we should have strangled the country with a blockade.

That being said, George Bush had something Barack Obama doesn’t have at the moment: credibility. Like him or not, our enemies around the world knew that George Bush was a dangerous man — and who was willing to deal with threats to his country. Obama, on the other hand, is like a baby lamb. Nobody is scared of him because they all believe he won’t do anything but talk. To Obama and the Left, that’s a huge feature — but, I’d call it a major bug.

That’s because that lack of fear is really what is making the situation in North Korea — and for that matter, Iran and Pakistan — considerably more dangerous. It’s no coincidence that Iran, the Taliban in Pakistan, and North Korea have gotten bolder since Obama got into office. Every two bit dictator on the planet is thinking, “If I’m going to do something, now is as good a time as any because Barack Obama will keep America from interfering.”

At this point, we can only hope that Obama is more capable of dealing with these situations than he appears to be at first glance or that somehow, our enemies come to believe that he’s much more dangerous than he appears.

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