When Will Obama Take Responsibility For Being President?

At what point does Obama Man Up and be Thee President? I can’t remember Bush blaming Clinton for not taking out Osama 3 times, for the Wall between law enforcement and intelligence, etc and so on. Clinton wasn’t out there blaming Bush 41. Reagan wasn’t blaming Carter for the recession he inherited and the Iran hostage issue. Nixon didn’t blame LBJ and Kennedy for leaving him with Vietnam, etc and so on. But, with Team Barry, that is apparently all they have. Blame. Like little kids who blame “Not Me!” when the lamp is broken

Facing the first real rough patch of his presidency, President Obama and his supporters are once again resorting to a tried-and-true tactic: attacking George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

In his White House press conference last week, Mr. Obama referred to the Bush era at least nine times, three times lamenting that he “inherited” a $1.3 trillion debt that has set back his administration’s efforts to fix the economy.

With the former president lying low in Dallas, largely focused on crafting his memoirs, Mr. Obama has increasingly attempted to exploit Mr. Bush when discussing the weak economy, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the difficulty closing the military prison at U.S. Naval Base Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

“For a guy who campaigned on taking responsibility and looking forward, he spends an awful lot of time pointing fingers and looking backward,” said former Bush deputy press secretary Tony Fratto, who has begun defending the previous administration.

What else do they have? Either they are grossly incompetent, or they know what they are doing in continuing to keep the economy down while they push what are becoming very unpopular pieces of legislation in the Climahysteria bill and the government health care bill. Personally, I would go with grossly incompetent.

Democrats also think the America public are idiots

Democratic Party strategist Liz Chadderdon said the strategy of blaming the previous team has been effective.

“I think Bush-bashing has been alive and well since ’07 and, since it keeps working, why not use it?” she said. “Voters have short memories. The administration needs to remind people that things were way worse over the last four years than in the last six months.”

It also serves as a distraction from the both the Presidents tanking approval ratings and for his signature legislation, health care, which, as his habit, was outsourced to Congress

Mixed feelings among voters about health care reform have shaken the president’s approval ratings from the high poll numbers when he took office. Six months into his term, 30 percent of the nation’s voters “strongly approve” of Mr. Obama’s job performance, according to a survey released Monday by the Rasmussen polling organization.

The poll showed that 40 percent “strongly disapprove” of the president’s performance, marking the first time the disparity has reached double digits.

and for government health care, even MSNBC is having trouble carrying Barry’s water

Despite his public-relations blitz over the past two weeks to promote his plans to reform the nation’s health-care system — including holding two town halls on Wednesday — President Barack Obama has lost ground on this issue with the American public, according to the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

Pluralities now say that the president’s health care plan is a bad idea, and that it will result in the quality of their care getting worse. What’s more, just four in 10 approve of his handling on the issue.

Interestingly, Obama was in Raleigh yesterday for yet another town hall (shocking that I didn’t win the lottery to get tickets, eh?), and WRAL had a large, solo article on the people who had a TEA party in protest.

More and more people are realizing they elected a petulant, high maintenance version of Britney Spears. He can dance to the tune, he sounds fine in the recording studio, but, he doesn’t write his own material, he tends to go off the reservation, and he lip synch’s. Total fake.

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