Where Did The Money Go? We Don’t Know…….

Even the AMA thinks the Obama health plan stinks. Not that they have much leverage. With government run health care, they’ll be forced to participate or else.

And if you haven’t seen this video yet, you need to watch it. Why should we trust the government to run health care? In the video you’ll a bureaucrat at the Federal Reserve not able to answer one question by the good Congressman about where 9 TRILLION off balance sheet dollars have gone. Hmmmm….I dunno, didn’t read the Bloomberg article. Oy vey.

Okay, now, with the current spending, the Fed has no idea where it’s going. It’s time to consider Congress itself. I always get a little amused watching these self-important buffoons lecture some minion about spending. Congress has it’s own problems. Here is a visual demonstration. Stick with this, folks:

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Please go to Political Math this great blog I just heard about via the RNC. Yes, the RNC. Anyway, the blog has loads of videos illustrating what spending cuts mean to President Obama. It’s great.

H/T Brutally Honest

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