Which Group Of Democrats Is More Racist?

If you look at the exit polling in Ohio and Texas, you can’t help but notice something that has become a fairly consistent trend in the Democratic race,

In Texas,

White 60 and Older

Clinton: 67%
Obama: 29%

Black 30-44

Clinton: 16%
Obama: 84%

Black 45-59

Clinton: 15%
Obama: 85%

In Ohio

White Democrats

Clinton: 70%
Obama: 27%

Black Democrats

Clinton: 12%
Obama: 88%

So, we have Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, two very similar candidates, running for the presidency. But, black Democrats are breaking for Obama at better than an 80/20 clip and white Democrats, particularly older white Democrats, are breaking towards Hillary at about 70/30.

Dare I suggest that race is a significant factor here? Many white Democrats, particularly older white Democrats are voting for Hillary because she’s white and many black Democrats are voting for Barack in large part because he’s black.

That leads us to an interesting question: who’s a bigger racist? A black Democrat who votes for Obama because he’s black or a white Democrat who votes for Hillary because he won’t vote for a black man?

The Answer: It was a trick question. Both groups of people are just as racist and just as deplorable.

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