Who Painted The Swastika Outside David Scott’s Office? Probably A Liberal

There are plenty of ignorant people in the world and some of them are on the Right. So, whenever a noose is hung, a swastika’s drawn, a flyer is put up with the wrong date for an election in a black area, etc, etc, it is entirely possible that someone on the Right is responsible.

However, the flip side of that is that race hoaxes have grown very common over the years. Somebody finds a noose hung on his door or an N-bomb in a letter, and suddenly there’s an outpouring of sympathy. A number of unscrupulous liberals have figured this out and they’ve moved beyond simply falsely accusing their enemies of racism to actually faking racist acts to generate sympathy.

For example, here’s lefty Clarence Page writing about race hoaxes back in 2007:

A student at George Washington University recently complained that swastikas were scrawled on her dormitory door. Thanks to cameras hidden by university police, they have a suspect: The student who filed the complaint.

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I was shocked but not surprised, just as I am shocked but not surprised when, with thousands of cars on the road, some get into accidents. Similarly with the recent upsurge in national attention to swastikas, nooses and other racial vandalism in public places, I am shocked but not surprised that at least one case of racial-ethnic vandalism turns out to be phony.

….Last year, for example, Trinity International University near Deerfield, Ill., evacuated some classes after anonymous letters threatened minority students with gunfire. A black female 20-year-old student was eventually convicted of felony disorderly conduct and ordered into counseling for creating the letters. Police told the Chicago Tribune that she had been unhappy at the school and hoped the threats would persuade her parents to let her leave.

Three years earlier at Northwestern University, a student who described himself as biracial admitted to putting anti-Hispanic graffiti on a wall near his dorm room and filing a false report of racial harassment and a knife attack.

In 2003 three black freshmen were accused at the University of Mississippi of writing racial graffiti on the doors of two other black students’ rooms and on walls on three floors of the residence hall. Among their obscenities and racial epithets, their scrawls included a tree with a noose and a hanging stick figure.

Again, I was shocked but not surprised to hear of these episodes and others. I am only surprised when other people sound surprised. People file false police reports for various reasons. Why should we be surprised that some might file false hate crime reports just to get a rise out of other people?

…Nevertheless, as we take incidents of racial vandalism seriously, our seriousness should include a dose of healthy skepticism. Overreaction only rewards the troubled souls who commit such offenses in the first place, whatever their sick reasons might be. They don’t deserve that satisfaction.

David Scott Swastika Beyond the incidents Page cited in that column, there have been dozens of others in recent years — but, I want to talk about what may or may not be the latest racial hoax, a swastika being spray painted at David Scott’s office,

A Georgia congressman who faced down a rowdy town hall meeting last week found his office vandalized Tuesday with a swastika painted over the official congressional sign.

Rep. David Scott told FOX News that the swastika spray-painted in black on his office door in Smyrna, Ga., is about four feet wide.

Cobb County police were informed and a report was filed with the U.S. Capitol Police and the FBI. David Johnson, Scott’s district director, said the Capitol Police are handling this incident as a hate crime.

…However, Scott told FOX Business Network on Monday that the opponents to health care were manufactured, and he accused the audience members of having a racial undertone in the debate.

“There were tea baggers all around the place,” the congressman said of the meeting, later holding up a flier with a picture of a now infamous poster of President Obama styled as The Joker from the Batman movie series.

“If you look at this, that’s a picture of President Barack Obama,” Scott said holding up the sign. “He’s grinning there like he’s the clown from Batman. Underneath that it says, ‘N—a, n—a David Scott. It says you were, and you are, and you always forever shall be but a n—a.’ If that ain’t it I don’t know what is.

Let’s see, you have a Congressman who loves to play the race card and a controversial health care debate that the Left is losing. If you’re a liberal, painting a swastika on his door might look like a pretty good idea. “See, Nancy Pelosi was right! They are Nazis! Plus, they’re racists! You don’t want to support people like that, do you? Great, then just support socialized medicine!”

To conclude, I’m not going to say this was a hoax and that liberals were behind it, although I will say something that libs often did during the Bush years: Who benefits from this? It sure isn’t the people who are trying to prevent our health care system from being destroyed. With that in mind, I would just encourage people to wait until the police make an arrest before making a judgment about who’s really responsible for this.

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