Why Gays Don’t Get Mad At President Obama

Vice President Dick Cheney threw the whole intolerance meme on its ear with his very progressive stance regarding same-sex marriage. In contrast, President Obama, the progressive’s objet desire, holds very, very, very traditional views. Marriage is, says Barack Obama, between one man and one woman.

Why don’t gay people get mad at the President? It’s simple, really. They know he’s lying.

President Obama knows that the issue is a political loser. So do gay activists. For the greater good, gay activists won’t push the President. They will hypocritically maintain their silence. They will be willingly silenced by the President because it serves the Democrat’s purpose.

Is anyone astonished and appalled at the hypocrisy around this issue? We shouldn’t be. The Left has a long record of political expedience around this and other social issues. Remember President Clinton’s treatment of women? Yeah. And they love, love, loved him!

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Maybe President Obama isn’t lying. Maybe he really does hate gay people. The first rumblings of this notion are up at Kos:

So why is Obama silent on gay issues? Is it because he has too much to do? He’s had a change of heart and now is anti-gay? In an effort to be “bipartisan” and “compromise” with the far right wing, he’s the throwing gays under the bus? He just faked support of gay rights since Hillary Clinton already had the “conservative Democrat” vote locked up in the primary anyway?

Nah, patience friend. Your cream frosting dreams will come true. Consider: President Obama wants to get re-elected. He needs the support of blacks and Catholics, two very solid Obama voting groups. He wants to keep them happy. And after re-election all the campaign promises will be be fulfilled.

It’s politics. I’m actually surprised that there is one idealist on the left who doubts this.

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